A beauty that lightens up the weakness in a man’s soul, it triggers his inner being to yearn to do what thou never thought thou could do. This is what the pretty girl of a lovely town so peaceful and yet so humbly could be found.

Men of all kinds threaded the path to that particular town just to have a glimpse of this girl since it was difficult to woe her. Even those who thought they were the mighty and jacks of all trades when it comes to play on words just to coon girls were disappointed.

Violet was her name, she believed so much in her beauty that she had been blessed by the creator and never believed that beauty is perishable. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she told her story to her daughter.

After my S.S.S education, I got an admission into one of the best universities in the country and this brought joy to the family. ‘‘My parents were overwhelmed and so proud of me that words cannot describe their actions towards me during that period. They treated me like their princess.” Luckily for them, I was given a scholarship which covered my four years studies at the university. My parents were not bothered about tuition fee at all, all they thought of what were the necessary things I needed to make my stay on campus a relaxed one.

Getting ready for school kept everyone busy and no one thought the final day re-opening could come within a winkle of an eye. The night before, my mother and I locked ourselves up in the room and talked for so long that one could imagine whether it was the day we could no longer see each other again.

I was sad I was leaving her for the very first time of my life to a distant school, where all control laid within the individual. Her final words were ‘‘be discipline, stay focus and rely on God for everything’’. Violet answered in the affirmative. The following day, our houseboy helped me pack my bag and baggage into the car and Violet was ready to set off for school with her dad.

The hostel was well-furnished on my arrival as a surprise from my parents for not letting them down. I screamed, turned around every step I took. I wanted to cry but the tears disappointed me. I grabbed my dad and hugged him for a long time. Afterwards, he waited patiently for me to unpack my stuff and we had a nice together until he finally had to bid me farewell. We both displayed our way of saying good-bye to each other.

An hour after, he had left, came in my roommate for the semester or probably the year. We exchanged greetings and introduced ourselves to each other. I discovered that she was the cousin of my best friend and at that instant the bond of new friendship was formed. She was a year ahead of me which I thought was my advantage but I was wrong.

The drama began to unfold; Ewuraama had a different attitude as compared to that of Anita. Education was not her number one priority in life but something she did to make her parents happy.

All she did was to attend all the parties and programmes that she could afford which she mostly did due to the ‘‘sugar d’s’’, she had at her disposal.



Apart from your maker who knows the anatomy of the person he created even before he planted him into this world, you are the soul engineer of yourself on this earth. You know yourself more than anyone does. The only question left to ask is: “so, at what point did he change?” See! These are people who know your everyday movement. Then what about those who do not know.

Answer them by saying, you never changed, it was the situations that changed and to these changes, you must keep the pace of the dance. That is the bravery of the good dancer.

But then again, I pause to reflect and what keeps a replay motion in my heart is that, how many times have we sat down to really talk about us without you having to be picky, choosey or even discriminatory.

Maybe, just maybe, you are very free as we all see, but like R Kelly sang; you are just trapped in the closet.

This Confession of a blakkdiva is a novel based on the pure love of a young girl in her teens who falls in love for the first time in her entire life with her best friend. So naïve and so young, the refusal of her beloved, left her broken and shattered.

But is it forever?

Did she ever recover?

Or is there hope for the restoration of that Lost Love?

We never make the choice of Love. Our hearts go ahead of our brains. Yet true love succeeds  at the end of the day.