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Apart from your maker who knows the anatomy of the person he created even before he planted him into this world, you are the soul engineer of yourself on this earth. You know yourself more than anyone does. The only question left to ask is: “so, at what point did he change?” See! These are people who know your everyday movement. Then what about those who do not know.

Answer them by saying, you never changed, it was the situations that changed and to these changes, you must keep the pace of the dance. That is the bravery of the good dancer.

But then again, I pause to reflect and what keeps a replay motion in my heart is that, how many times have we sat down to really talk about us without you having to be picky, choosey or even discriminatory.

Maybe, just maybe, you are very free as we all see, but like R Kelly sang; you are just trapped in the closet.

This Confession of a blakkdiva is a novel based on the pure love of a young girl in her teens who falls in love for the first time in her entire life with her best friend. So naïve and so young, the refusal of her beloved, left her broken and shattered.

But is it forever?

Did she ever recover?

Or is there hope for the restoration of that Lost Love?

We never make the choice of Love. Our hearts go ahead of our brains. Yet true love succeeds  at the end of the day.


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